Nikolas Hoppe


Nikolas Hoppe was born in Bremen in 1986. He received his B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Hildesheim and is currently enrolled in the department's M.A. program. He was co-editor of the literary magazine BELLA triste and artistic director of the Prosanova festival 2011. His plays and prose writing have been awarded with prizes, grants, and participation in writer's workshops, including the 14th Klagenfurter Literaturkurs, Bremer Autorenstipendium (2009), Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (2010), Niedersächsisches Arbeitsstipendium (2013), and the Autorenwerkstatt des Literarischen Kolloquiums Berlin (2014).


- Round Table: 02/01/15
– Writing & Ritual: Getting to know each other with Ronald S.: 03-29/01/15
– Talks on Writing Drama with Deborah A.: 22/01/15
– Closing Table: 29/01/15